The USDA Forest Service has awarded Human Technologies Corporation (HTC) a $20,000,000 prime contract to provide program management including personalized uniforms and apparel to more than 18,000 federal employees in 175 national forests and grasslands throughout the United States. HTC, a Utica-based manufacturer and prime contractor, has provided these goods and services to the USDA-FS since April 2007. In making their decision the US Forest Service noted HTC’s exceptional performance, high quality of workmanship, delivery performance, customer service, web-based order management, and information system and accounting program support. The new contract is for two years with three additional option years. HTC also provides apparel and supply chain solutions to over 200,000 individual customers, including employees of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Air Force Civilian Police, the United States Bureau of Land Management, and the states of Texas, Florida, New Jersey and New York. HTC, a 501c3, Not-for-Profit operates is a Social Enterprise and employs more than 500 people in Central New York and the Southern Tier. By providing employment in apparel manufacturing, property management services, customized embroidery and screen printing services, packaging/kitting, warehousing and distribution, HTC addresses the significant social challenge of unemployment and under-employment for people who have disabilities and other barriers to employment. HTC enhances quality of life through the creation of jobs and contributes to the economic vitality of our communities.