Human Technologies Corporation has been awarded a $2.6 million contract to manufacture chemical helmet covers for the U.S. military, the organization announced. Human Technologies Corporation is currently recruiting workers for six new sewing and production positions in their manufacturing operations in preparation for plans to ship 40,000 units per month beginning in February for the Defense Logistics Agency, said Gregory Frank, chief operating officer for the corporation. Human Technologies Corporation manufactures head harnesses, canister carriers, chemical helmet covers, coveralls and other accessory and apparel products for Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, which provides armed services members with food, clothing, textiles, and other necessary equipment. This latest contract will help Human Technologies Corporation accomplish its goals as a nonprofit social enterprise, which seeks to increase revenue while also contributing to the “greater social good” by creating jobs for people with disabilities, Frank said Monday. “This AbilityOne contract accomplishes both: Reducing local unemployment and creating new wage earners who will bring these earnings back to their communities,” Frank said. The nylon-cloth camouflage covers will protect military helmets from chemical and biological contamination, as well as radioactive particles, and will primarily by worn by members of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, Frank said. These helmets are intended as a first response to chemical or biological threats and are worn with a full chemical protective system. Human Technologies Corporation employs more than 500 people in Central New York and the Southern Tier with jobs in manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, distribution and property management services, which helps address the social challenge of unemployment and underemployment for people with disabilities, Frank said. (Taken from UTICAOD.COM)