What is QWE? The purpose of the Quality Work Environment (QWE) initiative is to implement new practices and enhance existing practices to improve the quality of work environments to enable people who are blind or have other significant disabilities to achieve their maximum employment potential. HTC will reap many benefits from being compliant with QWE. Our company will become a leader in providing employees who have significant disabilities with opportunities to optimize their earnings and take advantage of opportunities for advancement. QWE will support HTC’s goals around competitive employee wages and benefits, employee skill development, employee advancement and employment supports. Through the QWE continuous improvement process, HTC will improve business practices, increase service effectiveness and enhance the work environment. HTC has to date initiated a corporate rollout of the QWE program, and has started to implement improvement processes tailored to our agency. We are in the planning phase and have identified key personnel to start planning teams. We will keep you up to date with our progress through highlights of our QWE accomplishments.