WestRock is one of North America’s leading producers of corrugated and consumer packaging and recycling solutions.

We provide material preparation services for their line of Philadelphia Cream Cheese boxes, which are sold to Kraft Foods.  This requires manually pre-folding and re-positioning full pallets of semi-perforated and semi-scored corrugated cardboard sheets, inspections, and unloading and loading their tractor trailers.

These material prep services provide a cost-effective solution to eliminating jamming and machine downtime on Kraft’s automatic box-forming equipment. .

Northern Safety & Industrial is a national distributor of personal protective equipment, safety and industrial supplies.

We provide kitting of their catalog with a variety of promotional items, product preparation for disbursement from industrial vending machines, and collating/bulk mailing services. Our packaging operations produce over 40,000 promotional kits every year.

The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision is responsible for the confinement and habilitation of approximately 53,000 individuals under custody held at 54 state facilities and 36,000 parolees supervised throughout seven regional offices.

We assemble and package several products for DOCCS each year, including 15,400 headphone and extension cables provided to inmates upon request, 3,500 badge cases used by corrections officers, and 5,500 belts for both officers and inmates.